Balance August 21 2013, 0 Comments

Great style is all about balance.

Balance of textures
Balance of color
Balance of lengths.
Balance of masculine and feminine

Lets say you bought a new dress. It’s
very simple in design, but it’s very
savvy and it looks terrific on, so you’d
like to jazz it up a bit.

Let’s add some texture…..a beautiful
pair of hosiery.

Add a dash of color……..a
necklace or a great oversized ring
w/some color in it.

For a day look….If the dress is short,
above the knee….. I always
recommend a taller boot. If the dress
happens to be bellow the knee, that’s
when a heel looks


Never any taller then two inch heels
for the day. (Psst…I will be addressing
hemlines and footwear a bit more in
depth in my next edition).

Now if your dressing for the
evening or a special event, you have
more flexibility to dress a bit more

alluring, especially on a date.
Which by the way ladies, I always think
it’s more appropriate to be your sexist
when you have a man on your arm,
then let’s say when your going out with
the girls.
Also when styling an outfit, focus on
the one piece that has the most detail,
whether it’s a dress or top with ruffles,
a plunging neckline, an extra large flair
in the bottom of a pant, or quite
possibly the fabric is the feature, very
textured, all metallic…etc.

When you pinpoint what that may be,
you can style your accessories and
footwear around that….

Balance, simplicity.

Another thing to remember about bal-
ance that seems to always apply nicely
is…..if your outfit has a particular sex
appeal in one area….perhaps a very
low cut front…..complete the other
half with a more conservative
approach. If your aching to wear a very
special pair of heels, whether in a
boot or a shoe….keep the top part
more conservative….a high
neck-line…a button front shirt w/
only a couple of buttons open.

Acquiring a nice sense of
when dressing does
eventually become spontaneous.

Color August 15 2013, 0 Comments

I love color…. I highly recommend

adding some color to an outfit

from time to time, especially when

working with neutral tones...

white, beige, tan, and black.


Using colorful accessories is a

great way of adding just a little

pizzazz to an outfit. A cool

bracelet, a beautiful print scarf,

a unique necklace or perhaps

something as simple as a colorful


Individuality August 10 2013, 0 Comments



Creating one’s own style is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to express who we are. A great way to convey your unique character and personality... of individuals who have yet to really develop a true sense of their own expression through their wardrobe…. I truly believe there are thousands I suppose simply out of uncertainty or just lack of confidence. For all of those ladies who still feel they have yet to discover their true fashion identity …..I look forward to the opportunity of providing a comfortable pathway in unveiling your distinctive style.

Which brings me to the another concern of mine, which I’ll call ‘mannequin dressing’ Mannequin dressing is what I refer to when individuals shop an outfit right off a mannequin. Mannequins are built from synthetic materials and have shapes and proportions that not even the most beautiful women in the world have. Not to mention their ‘soulless’. Somehow when purchasing an outfit head to toe from a mannequin is sure to create a sense of unauthenticity when you’re wearing the clothes. However in my opinion, this theory does not apply when admiring a live model, co-worker, celebrity etc…. they bring a sense of reality into the clothes that can be easily reidentified from the individual on-looker.

Welcome August 01 2013, 0 Comments

Refine Your Sense of Style

My intention with this page is to offer helpful advice, and appealing recommendations, on style and clothing. I will offer interesting tips…..‘definitely do's’and ‘defining don’ts’ and at times try to amuse you with some of my own
personal stories.