Remarkable World of Denim Part 2 March 29 2016, 0 Comments

Treated & Deconstructed Denim


Of course we have all rolled our eyes to some of the prices that are being asked

for on a pair of treated denim. Some well over $200. Well perhaps I can shed some

light as to why.

Phase One 

Jeans are thrown into a wash with special soap that helps break down the fabric

and contrasts the blue and white yarns.

Phase Two

Spinning the jeans in an industrial washer filled with pumice stones, creates

abrasions, specifically on the pockets and hem edges.

Phase Three

They are rinsed in cold water to eliminate soap and residue.

Phase Four

Placed in a water extractor.

Phase Five

At this time jeans are slightly stiff yet moldable, where at this point jeans

can be deliberately creased.

 Phase Six

Once desired creases are created they are placed in a large big bag and

heated to 170 degrees. The heat 'cures' the resin, then transferred into  

330 degree oven for 15 minutes to 'cure' further.

Phase Seven

Jeans are placed on mannequins to begin sanding and creating local







Phase Eight

The jeans are dipped in chlorine to make the sanded edges 'pop'

Phase Nine

Yet again the jeans are washed to neutralize chemicals and clean residue.

Phase Ten

Finally if desired the jeans would go through one more process of

browning and aging detail, which is accomplished with a torch.

The entire process washing,stoning,curing,and desired levels of

abrasions takes about six hours.