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Just as sunglasses play an important role in the summer, Just as sunglasses

I believe they are just as important in the winter months as well.

I would like to recommend that you experiment with different frames at least once a season.

Some shapes can definitely carry through future seasons, but adding a new shape every season keeps a fresh updated look to your wardrobe.

Sunglasses are not only functional accessory but also make a strong style statement. I believe its the finishing touch to any outfit. When selecting a pair of sunglasses its always first important to make sure they have UV protection.

I believe a woman should have at least two pairs of sunglasses that suit her. One pair of metal frames and one pair of acrylic frames. Choose the metal frame based on the tone you wear silver or gold

Black frames generally look fabulous on women with jet black hair, and fair skin. The same philosophy applies with acrylic... if you tend to wear more brown and earth tones, I suggest tortoise shell or chocolate, though if you wear black more often..shoot for black. Personally I generally think tortoise shell looks great look on everyone because its so savvy.

As far as cost is concerned with sunglasses, anything under $10 is probably made from cheap plastic, therefore they will look cheap. However there are some good eyewear designers that sell good quality sunglasses, keep up with the trends, at an affordable price. Naturally you can find them on my website, and there is no need to spend any more the $25.00.

Designer glasses are extremely expensive, and given the amount of times that we lose our sunglasses, personally its not worth the suffering that follows.