Individuality September 22 2020, 0 Comments



Creating one’s own style is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to express who we are. A great way to convey your unique character and personality... of individuals who have yet to really develop a true sense of their own expression through their wardrobe…. I truly believe there are thousands I suppose simply out of uncertainty or just lack of confidence. For all of those ladies who still feel they have yet to discover their true fashion identity …..I look forward to the opportunity of providing a comfortable pathway in unveiling your distinctive style.

Which brings me to the another concern of mine, which I’ll call ‘mannequin dressing’ Mannequin dressing is what I refer to when individuals shop an outfit right off a mannequin. Mannequins are built from synthetic materials and have shapes and proportions that not even the most beautiful women in the world have. Not to mention their ‘soulless’. Somehow when purchasing an outfit head to toe from a mannequin is sure to create a sense of unauthenticity when you’re wearing the clothes. However in my opinion, this theory does not apply when admiring a live model, co-worker, celebrity etc…. they bring a sense of reality into the clothes that can be easily reidentified from the individual on-looker.