SEXTILLS August 17 2015, 0 Comments


       In 753 BC, August, the sixth month of the Roman calendar was named Sextills.

       As we know it today the eighth month of our calendar year, August was renamed

       in 8BC in honor of Augustus. 

       Known to be the month for the highest birth rate in the USA, August also symbolizes

       summer at its peak. Flowers are high bloom, the ocean at the perfect temperature,

        our skin silky golden, and we all have that summer twinkle in our eye. 

        But as September begins to encroach upon our steamy sunsets, we all begin to

        become a bit unsettled. Our sandals we bought late May are now scuffed and have lost

        their  original charm.  All of our favorite new summer clothes have become too familiar and    


        And so we are faced with the question , do we go out and buy something new and dazzling,

        or be patient and respect that fall is soon approaching?

        Well I like to remind  all of you, August has 31 beautiful days and September doesn't go below

        70 degrees until it's last week. 

       August is the best time to shop for summers best deals on clothing and accessories.

       Last year I purchased 3 pairs of the cutest sandals at an incredible price. Styles and trends

       change gradually from year to year so you will thank yourself for doing some August summer sale

        shopping when you first open next years Spring box.