Grand Opening of the Suzette LaValle Boutique March 01 2015, 1 Comment

As I sit here within my new shop, I was just reflecting on an outfit I wore back when I was about 15. See if you can imagine it.I had just walked into a super market.

I had on an old fashioned one piece long john, (ya know the one with the built in men's crotch.) (Crazy)

On top of that I had some cool  ripped t-shirt ..(I think it was like a dirty dancing t-shirt), a skinny black punk leather belt wrapped around my hips,my favorite white captains hat, big orange and silver button earrings, and a pair of white leather capezio dance flats ( that anybody, who was anybody, that went out dancing back then had a pair of.)

I remember a little boy that couldn't have been more then five  look at me and turn to his mother and say," wow she's cool "

To to all my friends, family & loyal customers, I couldn't have done it without you.

726 Franklin Avenue

Brooklyn,NY 11238 

Thank you. Suzette