Welcomes! Let's Celebrate Your Authentic Self! June 29 2020, 0 Comments

What influences what you wear?


              Is it your friends?



              Your boyfriend?                                                               

              Others on the street?

              All of the above?

              NOW, the real question is....


What determines what you will actually buy?

Sadly, only a few women dare to be different.


              This season I'd like to encourage everyone to be

              a bit more adventurous with their own style!

              The best way to to begin is by experimenting with accessories!

              Or introduce yourself to a new color that you have always attracted to.

              Try on some hats this spring!

              Add a touch of glitter to your day wardrobe!

              Have a make-up party with your girlfriends and experiment

              with new colors and eyeliners!. 

              Have fun being a girl!


Celebrate your own authenticity!